Monday, April 2, 2012

Does Apple Cider Vinegar Cure Dandruff?

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I developed a really bad dandruff problem.  I tried several anti-dandruff shampoos on the shelf (Garnier Fructis, Head and Shoulders, etc).  I even tried this really strong anti-dandruff shampoo that I bought from a hair salon. It burned my scalp but didn't cure my dandruff.  Every time I used a different product, the dandruff had returned by the third time I washed my hair.  It was as if I became immune to each product with continued use.  My sister, who is also natural, suggested that I try apple cider vinegar so I did.

I decided that I was going to just take a week and wash my hair every other day to try to cure my dandruff problem once for all.  It was a risk considering that my hair has a tendency to get really dry. Normally, I only wash my hair every two weeks.  I figured that was something that I would have to risk if I wanted to get rid of this irritatingly stubborn dandruff.

So I took a 16 oz bottle of water, poured out 4oz of water, and replaced it with 4oz of apple cider.  I got the organic kind.  I was told that it was best to get the kind that looked smoky because it is much more concentrated than the clear kind.  Instead of shampooing, I poured the apple cider onto my scalp and let it sit for 5 minutes before conditioning. After applying a leave-in conditioner, I let my hair air dry. My hair had extreme shrinkage to the point that people asked me if I got a hair cut.  On top of that, it was very dry and lumpy.  There was no shaping or styling.  I couldn't even use a pick in my hair. It was that dry.

I put up with it because I thought that's what I needed to cure my dandruff. So, two days later, I used the apple cider again. Big mistake. My hair felt horribly dry and hard; the worst it has ever felt. It was just done and it looked like it as well.  That became the last time I used the apple cider.  Did it work? Well, the dandruff had returned by my next wash two weeks later. Boo.  I thought that maybe it's just what my grandmother used to call "growing dandruff."  You know, dandruff caused by rapid hair growth if there is a such a thing.   I ended up giving up on trying to cure my dandruff problem and came to grips with it just being something that I would have to put up with.

That was...until I discovered henna.  Unbeknownst to me, henna treats dandruff and after 2 uses, I noticed that my dandruff problem has been drastically reduced.  In fact, I think that with one more henna treatment, I will be completely cured.  Finally. So does apple cider cure dandruff? Maybe with continued use.  Maybe it would be better to add it to a conditioner in order to prevent excessive dryness.


  1. Our hairs are known to be as the crowning glory, so we should take good care of it. We should keep our hair from direct sunlight since it causes frizz and dryness. Also, use the appropriate shampoo and conditioner those that are organic made.

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