Sunday, June 10, 2012

Happy Hair Day + The Soul Food Festival

The family and I had an okay family day at the Soul Food Festival on June 2nd. I was all excited about being around a bunch if black folks with good food and entertainment. I was excited to see Tevin Campbell and Ginuwine perform. But when we arrived, there was only two food vendors.  That is an absolute no no when you're dealing with thousands of black folks. Plus, the food had no seasoning and you only got a few pieces of meat for $15. $15 would have been alright if the food was good.  They were selling carnival food. Funnel Cake is not soul food. I wanted some catfish, cornbread, corn on the cob, macaroni and cheese,and some peach cobbler. The Soul Food Festival had no soul food.  It was a crime. They really should call it something else. On top of that, this lady tried to sell me a 1oz bottle of natural hair products for $20.  I don't even remember the name of it. I've pretty much blocked whatever it was out of my mind.  Her group was hosting a workshop and I was excited until I saw that the workshop cost $750.  I've said this before and I'll say it again. You don't have to be rich to go natural. I'll stick with what I know, thank you. 

As far as the entertainment goes, Tevin Campbell still has it but I could barely see him or Ginuwine. I took pictures but you cannot make out what it is.  At the end of the day, I enjoyed spending time with my family and my hair looked awesome.  It was a Happy Hair Day.

Successful twist-out
So, I basically did my normal twist-out except this time I kept my twists pulled back in a ponytail until I was ready to take them down. The result was elongated curls!

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