Thursday, March 29, 2012

Happy Hair Day!

The family and I decided to take a trip to Indianapolis for Family Day yesterday.  My curls were defined and looked very healthy.  It was my Fiance's idea to go shopping there for our much anticipated trip to the Bahamas next month.  According to him, Indianapolis has much better shopping options.  He knows that I'm trying to step up my fashion game. While there, we ate locally at places like King Ribs and Shrimp Hut.  At King Ribs, I had the hot barbecue chicken (We don't mess with that swine, lol) on a bun and the sauce was sweet with a nice kick to it.  I had catfish nuggets for the first time at Shrimp Hut.  Those were pretty good but, of course, my fried catfish fillets are much better...
As far as shopping goes, we visited three malls including the Fashion Mall, Lafayette Square Mall, and Washington Square Mall and we walked down the Broad Ripple strip.  Broad Ripple was pretty artsy and had unique restaurants.  The only shirt I tried on while at Broad Ripple didn't quite fit right.  I did find a dress and a shirt (pics to come later) and got my daughter a few dresses.  My Fiance got his usual polo shirt and shorts.  If I had to call Indianapolis anything, it would be ghetto fabulous even though I was only there for a day.  After all the places we went, the one place that stood out the most was Lafayette Square Mall.  I've seen malls that cater to black people before but I've never seen one that was so blatantly exploitative.  Call me a country girl but there was no major retailer in the entire mall. There was no Macy's, Sears, or Kay Jewelry's.  There was an empty store where JcPenney's used to be.  Instead, there were stores like Man Alive, Rainbow, and something called 5th Avenue Jewelry's that sold fake gold chains.  After I gave my Fiance a couple of "Where the hell did you take me?" looks, we found a diamond in the rough.
We walked into a store called Oil Palace and they had Carols Daughter products. Not only that, they had the Khoret Amen oil and smoothie. I was so excited; I bought all the Khoret Amen products they had!. That made my day.  Remember, in my last post, I discussed how I still had a little bit of the Khoret Amen oil left that I was trying to preserve.  Looks like I don't have to do that anymore.  I'm going to have to bring back the hot oil treatments! I was too happy to find those products and I'm even smiling now thinking about it.
On top of that, Lisa must have came across my blog because, according to the website, there's a new oil fusion value set for $25 that includes the Khoret Amen oil and smoothie.

I am very very happy.  The oil in the set is only 2oz, though, compared to 8oz original bottle that I used to get. I'm just happy that they brought the product back.  Because of that, I had a very Happy Hair Day. :)

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