Friday, March 30, 2012

Time for Straight Hair?

So Spring is here and you don't have to worry about humidity that comes with the summer.  You don't have to worry about possible damage when you have to go outside in the cold immediately after styling like you do in the winter. 

Straightening your own hair not only saves you money but it's easier than you think. How do I straighted my hair?

Well, after shampooing and conditioning, I separate my hair into four sections add oil to my hair. Any kind will do as long it conditions your hair. I prefer to use Moroccan oil for this style.

I've also used the Khoret Amen hair oil in the past as a cheaper alternative.  Any oil would do.

Then, I proceed to blow my hair out with a blow dryer that has a comb.  If your blow dryer doesn't have a comb, then you can use your detangling brush as you blow dry. For some, this is a better option because it causes less hair breakage.
Even though Springtime is the best time to wear your hair straight, it is still very important to keep your hair protected.  Make sure that you use a heat protectant.

Silk Elements Megasilk Olive Heat Protection Spray


This is the heat protectant that I use. It works. Point blank.  I don't straighten my hair too often but I've never burnt my hair and my natural curls have returned immediately after a wash.  Just spray it on each detangled strand right before applying heat with your favorite flat iron.

The Original InStyler Rotating Hot Iron Hair Straightener
The Instyler not only straightens my hair but the polishing technique also prevents heat damage. The cylinder spins as it glides down your hair. Now, the Instyler even comes in smaller sizes.  It also does the same thing as a curling iron so you can straighten and style your hair at the same time. Hey, it works.  It's great to use a flat iron that is designed to protect your hair from heat damage.  I know in the past; it is believed that the hotter it is, the better the results. Not true.  Your flat iron does not need to be super hot. Whatever you do, PLEASE do not use a hot comb.

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