Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why I Can't Stand Black Hair Salons?

I don't know if it's the lack of customer service, the sudden inflation of price once they take one look at my hair, the inconsistency of feeling like doing hair right one day and just being lazy the next, or the lack of experience with your own type of hair. I just don't get it. I should never come out with hair looking worse than when I do it myself.  Believe me, I am far from a professional.  So when my fiance stated that he wanted me to style my hair in fro hawk, I was given the task of locating a trustworthy hair salon that wouldn't have me out here looking stupid.

I called black hair salons that specialized in natural hair that didn't answer and didn't return my message. I understand if you already have the clientele and you're busy but don't tell me that you'll have the stylist give me a callback when she comes back in and she never gives me a callback.  I called three days in a row and that same stylist was never there and never gave me a callback.  I was able to schedule an appointment with the one hair salon that answered. 

I showed up to get my hair braided into a fro hawk and explained that I wanted my unbraided hair to be twisted.  There were only two stylists there and they both kept trying to talk me out of getting the unbraided hair twisted by telling how my own hair was already beautiful and didn't need to be twisted. I even explained to them that I was going on vacation and needed the style to last a week.  It was clear to me that didn't even want to be doing hair at that particular time and wanted to go home. The second stylist who was waiting for her last client to show up even stated that she hopes that she doesn't.  That's really sucks for someone like me who wants to be fly on vacation. The stylist who did my hair said very randomly, "I'm not no lazy hair dresser."  I ended up walking out of the salon with dripping wet hair but maybe it was my fault for scheduling an appointment at 3:00pm on a Saturday.

My 22 month old daughter  and my mother came with me. My daughter sat there quietly with my mother for an hour and a half while I got my hair done. She was so quiet, I thought that she had went to sleep but she was awake the entire time. As soon as I paid my $55 for the sloppy hairdo, the second stylist says to me, "We have a no-kid policy but since it was just us; it was ok just this time." Seriously. Somebody's kid kept running back and forth but I think that they were a family member of one of the stylists so it was ok.  But really.  You're going to say that to me when my child was quiet and didn't get up and mess with anything the entire time. That was it for me. No more black hair salons.  My fiance's sister ended up redoing my hair and it was ten times better than what I originally paid for.
Done by a salon professional.

Not done by a salon professional.

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